Our Identity

Who is Verdeco?

Since 2012, Verdeco has specialized in providing sustainable RPET solutions to brands who care about the impact their products and materials have on our environment. Our team of experts will solve even the most complex formulation and supply-chain challenges. We promise to deliver top-quality products to our customers every day, lot after lot, no matter what.


The future goal and vision for Verdeco.

Driving towards a zero-waste economy by creating sustainable plastic solutions.


The current purpose Verdeco serves.

Deliver unmatched value in the circular plastics economy through material science, process innovation, and unrelenting customer centricity.

More About

In 2020, Verdeco was acquired by CUDOS Group, a leading entrepreneurial European investment fund. CUDOS has a long track record of transforming companies to become leaders in their field and to make the world a better place.

They focus on companies with opportunity for significant impact and growth potential. Among others, CUDOS recently grew SkyPlastic to become one of the leading players in the recycling space in Europe. That same ambition and vision will be applied to Verdeco.

Meet Our Leaders

Rob Bindner
CEO, Verdeco
With over 30 years of experience working for companies focused on engineered compounds, additives, and colorants, Rob has always been driven by his passions. These passions include innovation, impact, sustainability, building customer centric businesses, and creating great teams. Throughout his career, Rob has worked across six of the seven continents!
Alon ShKlarek
Co-Founder & CEO, CUDOS Group
Alon has been a passionate and successful entrepreneur throughout his life. In 1992 he founded asp.group which he has been heading as CEO ever since. Alon is a profound investment professional with 25 years of experience. During this time Alon founded, co-founded or invested in over 25 businesses across 16 countries and led more than 100 transaction processes for national and international investment consortia.

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Our products are FDA certified.
We operate under ISO 9001.
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