Creating a new path forward for RPET

We are innovative problem solvers with many years of experience transforming PET flakes into high quality RPET pellets. We’re working with our suppliers and customers to create limitless opportunities for RPET.
In 2020, Verdeco was acquired by CUDOS Group, a leading entrepreneurial European investment fund. CUDOS has a long track record of building companies to become leaders in their field and to make the world a better place. CUDOS focuses on companies with significant impact and growth potential. Among others, CUDOS recently grew SkyPlastic to become one of the leading players in the recycling space in Europe. The same ambition and vision will be applied to Verdeco as CUDOS envisions the company to become a leader in the field of rPET.

Innovating for tomorrow’s solutions

We rely on material science and the innovative capacity of our teams to anticipate challenges in the RPET value chain and expand its utilization. Not just once, but multiple times.

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Our products are FDA certified.
We operate under ISO 9001.
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