Thin-Wall Packaging Created with 100% rPET

Verdeco’s thyn™ solution allows your company to achieve sustainability goals while using premium, thin-walled packaging made from 100%, high-quality rPET. This solution is perfect for end-use applications such as:

  • Containers
  • Trays
solution image foot thyn

step one


We start with 100% post consumer flake made from meticulously sourced PET that has been diverted from oceans and landfills.


step two

Material Science

Verdeco's research team incorporates material science to achieve 100% FDA approved rPET with crystal clear transparency allowing for reduced wall thickness and very low haze that is comparable to virgin PET.


step three


Through R&D-inspired innovation, we develop customized flake solutions with consistent pellet geometry to meet our customers' end use needs.

product packaging

step four


Transformative impact begins as rPET pellets become new, sustainable products that provide the same quality as virgin PET.

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Verdeco Recycling Process

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