Verdeco’s KLEER Solution: Revolutionizing Recycled Clear Packaging

Verdeco’s KLEER Solution: Revolutionizing Recycled Clear Packaging

Clear packaging plays a prominent role in our economy. From consumer goods to household cleaners, a wide range of products require clear packaging. Currently, when it comes to achieving the attribute of clarity with packaging the default is virgin PET. While many companies understand the sustainable benefits of recycling, many recycled plastics struggle to achieve the clarity required for clear packaging, forcing companies to choose less sustainable solutions. We decided it was time for that to change.

Meet KLEER, Verdeco’s rPET solution that boasts crystal clarity and high transmittance. Our rPET can be used for any clear packaging, from food & beverage, medical packaging to personal care items. KLEER’s versatility and low-haze quality perfectly represent our commitment to creating sustainable and innovative solutions.

Introducing Verdeco KLEER

KLEER is 100% rPET FDA-approved and provides crystal-clear transparency without any visible haze, clarity that is comparable to virgin PET products.

KLEER’s crystal clarity is a big deal in the world of recycled plastics. Recycled plastic can be hazy. Glass and virgin PET are most commonly used for packages that need to be clear. KLEER cuts down on the need for the natural resources that PET requires. It’s also lighter than glass, allowing larger quantities to be transported in a single shipment, reducing CO2 emissions and overall pollution as a result.

Verdeco’s KLEER is the ideal solution for bottles, trays, containers, jars, tubes, film, and sheets that require perfect clarity. Industries specializing in medical packaging, beverages, personal care, cosmetics, food packaging, household cleaners, nutrition, and consumer goods can all benefit from this revolutionary combination of clarity and sustainability.

As with all Verdeco innovations, KLEER was inspired by customers’ business requirements and environmental initiatives and designed to uphold our commitment to exceptional product performance, aesthetics, and consistency. When businesses choose KLEER, they aren’t just getting an innovative solution; they’re making a sustainable packaging choice that makes a long-term difference in the life of our planet.

Who We Are

At Verdeco, we specialize in creating 100% post-consumer, FDA-approved, food-grade rPET, a sustainable alternative to virgin PET. After sourcing and processing from an extensive list of qualified suppliers, we take hot-washed post-consumer PET flake and crystalize and dry it. The plastic then undergoes a three-step melt extrusion, filtration, and pelletizing process. After a post-pelletizing treatment, the plastic is officially classified as FDA food-grade rPET resin pellets.

Every aspect of our business focuses on driving a zero-waste economy. Our goal is to make a lasting, positive impact for our customers, their products, and the environment we share. With this goal in mind, it’s important to recognize that our solutions are more than just sustainable — they’re high quality. Every member of the Verdeco team is committed to delivering unmatched value in the circular plastics economy through material science, process innovation, and unwavering customer centricity.

Innovation Center of Excellence

At Verdeco, we’re driven to inspire through innovation. To this end, the Verdeco R&D Innovation Center of Excellence allows us to raise the standards for the quality and performance of our solutions. At our innovation headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, we innovate, perform extensive product quality testing and engage in product development scale-up, all in an effort to deliver speed to market to start shaping a more sustainable future sooner rather than later.

Our product quality testing includes moisture and drying, gas chromatography with headspace to measure benzene, AA, limonene, and any other contaminants, and a measure of color-resin L*, a*, b*, MFR IV, and Solution IV. For product development, we perform crystallization, samples, and IV analysis. Our product development and quality testing processes enable us to create premium rPET pellets that allow us to develop advanced solutions like KLEER to meet specific customer needs.

To learn more about Verdeco, the Innovation Center of Excellence, or more revolutionary solutions like KLEER, visit or contact us today.


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