Sustainable, Innovative, RPET Solutions 

We specialize in consistent top-quality RPET solutions. We solve complex formulation and supply challenges in order to deliver the same quality product to our customers. Every day. Lot after lot.


Top-quality RPET pellets including FDA Food Grade from our multiple facilities. Consistent supply across North America.

Supply Network

Our consistent quality and supply is supported by a global network of PET supply channels. We partner with a broad portfolio of suppliers to accommodate changing market and customer specifications.


Material science innovation is at the core of our business. That’s why we can offer a consistent product and options for specialized solutions, incl. customer-specific intrinsic viscosity and color values.

Creating limitless opportunities for RPET

We focus on customer specifications and operational excellence to deliver consistent, high-quality products.

STEP 1: Customer Application

Discussion to understand the customer’s end-use application, product specifications and potential unmet needs.
STEP 2: Solution recommendation 
Product recommendation based on customer specifications including color and IV values and any regulatory approvals such as FDA.
STEP 3: Order processing

Options available based on customer needs including 24 hour turnaround. 
STEP 4: Delivery
Flexible delivery options available based on customer needs: Rail, bulk truck, bags and boxes.

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Our products are FDA certified.
We operate under ISO 9001.
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