How Businesses Can Implement Effective Recycling Programs

How Businesses Can Implement Effective Recycling Programs

Individually, many people know recycling is important. And even if they don’t understand the science behind the process, most people know recycling is helpful for the planet. It reduces the need for natural materials, cuts back on harmful practices that extract natural resources from the earth, lowers carbon emissions, and keeps waste out of landfills and waterways. With each of these benefits, the ripple effect is tremendous. It only makes sense then that if one person can make a difference by recycling, the impact an entire business can make would be even more impressive. 

So, how can a company implement an effective recycling program? It’s easier than you might think. Whether you operate a small business or work for a larger organization, we’ve compiled a list of steps that you can take to implement an effective recycling program that works with your business’s goals. 

6 Steps To Implementing an Effective Recycling Program

The following steps can give your company an environmentally friendly boost. 

1). Assess Current Waste Management Practices

To create recycling goals for your business, it’s important first to establish a starting point. How many bags of trash does your workplace toss out each day? Each week? Are some recycling measures already in place, and if so, how many bins of recyclables are going out regularly? Are there enough recycling bins around your building or locations? Answering these questions will identify areas for improvement and give you a good starting point.

2). Understand Local Regulations

Check locally! The recycling team needs to be familiar with the local recycling guidelines when developing your company’s recycling plan. These regulations may affect whether recyclables are picked up or dropped off at a designated facility. They can also determine which materials can or cannot be recycled. 

3). Set Clear Recycling Goals

Now, it’s time to create unique recycling goals for your business. If your company already has a broader sustainability initiative, this can provide a helpful framework to shape your goals. It may be as simple as getting every department a recycling bin so everyone in your business can recycle easily. Or, maybe you decide that in the first year, you want to decrease the amount of waste thrown out by 20%. Whatever your goals are, make sure that they are measurable and attainable — and that all employees can be part of the process. 

4). Engage Employees

Speaking of employees, attaining your recycling goals can only happen if your employees are engaged in the process. Educate your team members about the importance of recycling and emphasize the importance of their role in the company’s recycling program. It may also help to include employees from various departments in your internal recycling team so that all parts of the business feel like they are contributing to the cause.  

5). Put the Plan Into Action

Now, the fun part! Assessments, compliance, goals, and engagement have all been taken care of, and it’s finally time to put your plan into action. As with any new initiative, gathering momentum and reaching peak engagement may take time, so be patient as you roll out the new recycling program. Celebrate successes as they come — even the small ones — and ensure everyone in the company knows when you reach goals. Over time, the program will become second nature, and your team can take it to the next level by setting new goals.

6). Adapt as Needed

Even the most thorough programs must be tweaked or changed from time to time. You may reach your initial goals more quickly than expected and decide to push the limits.. Whatever the case, be sure to keep your finger on the pulse of your recycling program so that you can make changes and adjustments as needed.

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